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Version: 1.1.0


System Structure

Users download and use the application from the each store or AWS S3. Assets such as 3D models and connection information to the server are not included in the application, but are downloaded from S3 when the application is running. Only the minimum information required to download assets is included in the application. Connect to the SaaS and servers required for processing directly from the application.

system structure


This is a sample application and has not been actually placed in each store or AWS S3. We plan to release our know-how, such as support for screening of each store, in the future.

Application Structure

The application architecture of Holiday will be the architecture assumed by Extreal. The stages and scenes of Holiday are as follows.

application structure

The App scene is explained here because it is a special scene, not a separate feature offering.

The App scene is the entry point for the application. The App scene handles the application initialization process, stage configuration, application state provision, and other processing related to the application as a whole.