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Version: 1.2.0


Here are the requirements realized by Holiday.


Holiday requirements do not cover those necessary for production applications. For production applications, please refer to Non-Functional Requirements Grade to identify the perspective of non-functional requirements and define them.

Functional requirements

Holiday is an application aimed at gathering with friends and family to spend time together during the holidays.


  • Title Screen
    • Title display only
  • Avatar selection screen
  • Group selection screen
    • Allows users to select Host or Client
    • For host, groups can be created by specifying a group name
    • For client, you can select a group and join the group
    • Can return to avatar selection screen
  • Virtual Space
    • Voice chat is available
    • Text chat is available
    • Multiplayer is available
    • Can switch space
    • Can return to group selection screen

Non-functional requirements

  • Method of holding the event
    • Each event will be held for one hour, with a set schedule and event announcement
    • The server is started/stopped each time the event is held
  • Number of users
    • 10 users per group
      • If the maximum number of users is exceeded, users are notified on the group selection screen.
    • No limit on number of groups
  • Usage environment
    • PC Browser
      • Windows 10
      • Chrome
    • Internet connection
      • Up/Down stream: 40 Mbps or higher
  • Assets
    • Assets are not included in the application, and are downloaded at application runtime.
      • Models such as avatar characters, virtual spaces, etc., and text such as titles, messages, etc.
      • Asset downloads will display the download size and confirm execution to the user.
  • Application usage visualization
    • User usage
      • Number of unique users
      • Stay time per stage
      • Number of text chats sent
    • Resource usage
      • Memory usage of the application
    • Error status
      • Number of errors
  • External Connections
    • Asset download (S3)
      • When the network is disconnected, reconnect.
        • The reconnection status is notified to the user.
        • If reconnection fails, further reconnection is done by user operation (screen transition).
    • Text/voice chat and multiplayer (P2P)
      • When the network is disconnected, the user is notified.
      • Since the system is realized by P2P, all features are not available.
      • Reconnection processing is not necessary because the user can reconnect when re-entering the virtual space.
    • Application usage visualization (Grafana/Loki)
      • No reconnection or user notification will be made because user play will not be affected.
      • All features are available.
    • Download 360-degree videos/images for use in the background of the space (S3)
      • When the network is disconnected, the user is notified.
  • Region, Language
    • Japan, Japanese only