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This section describes the sample application features.

One of Extreal's goals is to provide a foundation for virtual spaces where people can gather and communicate. We provide "Holiday" as a sample application equipped with the multiplayer and voice chat features necessary for such a virtual space.


Holiday has a simple stage structure: title screen → avatar selection screen → group selection screen → virtual space. You can choose a host or a client on the group selection screen and play while conversing in a group.


Holiday, which employs P2P (Peer to Peer) for multiplayer/text chat/voice chat, can be found in the following repository.

Holiday will provide the following contents

  • Requirements
    • Functional and non-functional requirements for Holiday
  • Architecture
    • System and application architecture to realize Holiday's requirements
  • Test Planning
    • How to test Holiday's requirements and test contents
  • Development Guid
    • How to create Holiday and development rules
  • Repository
    • An application (Unity project) that realizes the requirements of Holiday

We encourage you to use these contents for the following purposes

  • Learn how to create applications using Extreal
  • Use Extreal as a basis for application development